How to Stay Motivated with Exercise

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I was asked to give tips and strategies on how to stay disciplined with exercise. So, here are my 4 ways to keep motivated!

Exercise Motivation 1

1️⃣: choose a goal, write it down, set a timeline, follow a program, tell people!


Pick an an event, race, or challenge – whether it be a mud run, 5k, 10 push ups or an Instagram fitness challenge with an achievable end date. Commit by journaling, letting your friends or family know, creating an accountability page, then research a program that fits your work life balance and start 👍

Exercise motivation 2

2️⃣: change your train of thought regarding exercise – think of it as an act of daily living as opposed to a chore


I’m going to safely assume everyday, most of us, wake up and shower, get dressed, eat, brush our teeth, automatically put on our seatbelt in the car, work, take care of children, etc…or something to this effect. We have to think about exercise exactly as we do our daily tasks, that it’s just a part of life…a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

If this is a challenge for you regarding time or motivation, begin with an activity that you find enjoyable and is fun. You like nature? Go for a hike. You like music? Try Zumba. Trying to keep up with your kids? Bike 🚴. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, lunch or at night, Fit it in as if your life depends on it because essentially…it does!

Exercise Motivation 3

3️⃣: practice daily positive affirmations & actions


In order to get motivated to create a goal and get our mindset to believe the goal is worth doing and achievable, we need to work on ourselves to get our minds in the right place.

Everyday we should be practicing positive actions including: healthy eating, meditation, journaling our gratefulness, and/or practicing acts of kindness. When we treat ourselves gently we can then transfer it onto others as equally or far greater.

Perhaps today you’ll sign up for a race that benefits your favorite charity, compete in honor of a friend or loved one, or volunteer some hard labor to those in need. When the deed isn’t about you anymore, these small actions lead to big impacts and, in the world today, I think actions certainly speak louder than words ❤️

Exercise Motivation 4

And finally…

4️⃣: plan to reward yourself when you meet each goal 


You’ve heard keep your eyes on the prize? Well, why not make that a reality?! You’ve worked hard to stay dedicated, spending time and energy, you deserve a little something. Plan a spa day, a night out at your favorite restaurant or new workout gear (like Legend Compression Socks 😉). Then you can stay motivated in your new gear to sign up for your next event!


Review: Zella by Nordstrom

Zella Flash Capris in Rome

Zella Flash Capris in Rome


A lot of you have asked me about my Zella Flash capris I wore on my recent trip to Rome. I recently became a Zella Pro, where lucky me receives and reviews Zella Activewear from Nordstrom. The line has a similar vibe as another popular yoga brand without the hefty pricetag. Hello, new workout wear “crush” ❤.

Perfect for running

Perfect for running


The first pair I received was the Zella Flash Capris. These babies are edgy and super stylish. The material is durable and made from Zeltek ultimate stretch fabric with sleek mesh paneling up the legs. I almost didn’t feel appropriate wearing them to workout out in as they seem more of a fashion staple piece, but they held up well for both running and yoga.

Snug on stitching, size up next time

Snug on stitching, size up next time


I run between a small-medium depending on the brand. I went with a small (US sizing 4-6) and they were a bit snug on me. I noticed the waist and edges around the calves were comfortable but found where the stitching of the mesh with the moisture-wick fabric cut slightly into my legs. Next time I’ll go with a medium (US 8-10).

Edgy and figure sculpting

Edgy and figure sculpting


The design includes a hidden pocket and mesh panels which are convenient in the warmer springs temps. When in Rome, the pocket stowed away my credit card and hotel key so I could get my shake out run done before my marathon and combine it with a bit of a tourism. They were perfect in both performance and in fashion, allowing me to look like a hip and fit marathon tourist.

Wicks moisture to keep you dry

Wicks moisture to keep you dry


I look forward to mixing Zella Activewear into my workout rotation. The true test will be to see how durable and long lasting they are. To be determined…

The Fit Wanderluster Expansion

Big News Alert!!

FW Logo

The Fit Wanderluster has launched it’s first t-shirt and tank top business. Say What!?

My goals with this blog are to share my passions of working out and traveling while giving healthy recipes, wellness and injury prevention advice when I can with friends, family and the world. The blog is a glimpse of what it’s like inside my little bubble on this big, blue planet. I know I’m not the only one out there who loves fitness, running, and traveling. Now my passions can be shared and passed on with a visual statement that can be worn proudly to let others know your fit wandering desires as well.

My t-shirts are American Apparel branded and are classic, comfortable, with a vintage feel. Great for day to day wear, working out, or traveling.


The tanks are Next Level Brand with sporty racerback cut to keep you looking and feeling cool.


Prices start at $23. Checkout is secure, fast and simple and all products can be shipped internationally.

Go ahead and get your Fit Wanderluster apparel today!

The Fit Wanderluster

Wake up early, meditate, be thankful – Check

So last week I determined to get out of my funk. I decided to take 5 steps in doing so. Here’s a recap:

1. Wake up by 7am. 2. Eat right. 3. Communicate. 4. Meditate. 5. Journal Joyful moments

I said I would check in with you all this week if I indeed followed through with acting on my steps to less stress and more happiness. I’m proud to say I’ve done 3 out of 5.

I’m not perfect (I know, shocking) and I’m not a morning person. Getting up for 7am when I am not forced is just plain annoying. Is it an excuse that I’m probably lazy? Yes. But do I enjoy my moments in bed until 8 or 9 on non-workdays? Yes. Would I also enjoy getting up at 7am, working out, breakfast ate, and showered before 9? Sure. Am I so damn lucky (my Dmb fans, see what I did there?) that I get a choice? You betcha. I’m not disappointed that I couldn’t follow through for the week but I did get up for 7am 3 out of the 4 days so I’m not a lost cause. I figure if I was in misery and wasn’t out of bed before double digits then this should really be an area of focus, but so far so good. 

Communication was also minimal, however I did do my 30 minute daily French lessons everyday. I also hung out with Americans living in Metz (I’ve met 2 more!) for a Saturday picnic but I’ve lacked any attempt in actually speaking French. My only excuse is my irrational fear of sucking. You can’t get better if you don’t try, right? This is will be my long shot.

Eating right as I mentioned in my last blog was something I was currently doing but was trying to eliminate going out and drinking too much. With Saturday shopping for the week and Sunday meal prepping, this week so far has been a breeze. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and two snacks are all prepped with only minutes needed to finalize the meals. Boom. I’ve also been well behaved with no weekday drinking and have decided to hold off on beer, at least until I go back to Boston on June 10.

I’ve been on point with learning how to meditate with the useful app for my iPhone called HeadSpace. You start with 10 minutes a day for 10 days. It’s a nice way to either start or wind down from the day. I will admit it was harder than I expected because my mind is so used to controlling me than me it. It teaches you how to breathe and absorb your external environment but not act on it. It is a tool to help you find mental equilibrium to keep in check our emotions. Plus there is a ton of research out there that supports this and discusses improvement in relationships, mood, memory, and attention span. 

Lastly, I did journal my 3 joyful moments in each day in my notes section of my iPhone. I was thinking about getting cute stationary but I don’t have a nightstand and why waste paper? I found this exercise to be helpful in remembering good points and bring you back from maybe thinking the day was really shitty or exhausting. 

Overall I like my new routine and going to try to stick with it. I’m happy and less stressed. Here’s hoping my extra beauty sleep and memory from meditation help me digest more French and gain confidence!

Where am I with Beachbody?

Let me start from the beginning.

I became a Beachbody coach March of 2015. Here are a few reasons why

  1. I knew you could make money.
  2. I had been a user of the home workout programs (P90x, Insanity, T25, etc) since 2006 and had great results or at least maintenance.
  3. I would receive discounts on products I was already using or would use in the future.
  4. As a health professional, it would be another avenue I could use to help others obtain health goals.
  5. I wanted to change my cooking and eating habits.

I had been seeing more and more friends on Facebook become involved with Beachbody. I was surprised at how many people were doing the programs. As a user for 9 years, I had only had discussions with a handful of people who had even heard about the late night infomercials to purchase P90X let alone those who actually participated in the programs or ultimately finished the 90 days. In fact throughout the 9 years, I met several patients who were injured because of the program because they were middle aged or weekend warriors trying to pump out 55 pull ups and 100 push ups in the first week without any baseline or correction of form. I thought being a coach and user of the products I could educate on modifications.

Ultimately when I reached out to decide if being a coach was right for me, the timing was that I knew I would be moving overseas within the year and I wanted to bring in some extra money by participating in something I was already fond of. Then I learned what it meant to be a coach, you pay an up front fee then a monthly business fee and have to be a consumer of the Beachbody shake called Shakeology. Before this moment I had never heard of Shakeology as I had only ever purchased workout programs but honestly didn’t even know they made supplements. After doing a little research on the ingredients and benefits of the shake (which is not marketed as a protein or meal replacement shake but more of a daily dose of the nutrients you should be ingesting. Another way I like to simplify it is to compare it to a fully loaded multi-vitamin along with digestive, cholesterol, and energy improving agents). I was convinced of its super power benefits and trusted the Beachbody name already so it wasn’t a hard sell for me. Then I learned about the price. A non-coach pays $150 for 30 day supply. A coach gets a 30% discount for $115 (but remember there is a $17 month business fee but you still are saving around $30) and I’m a sucker for a good deal. So even though I was trying to save, and in fact, make more money before my move internationally, I was going to at least spend $130 a month to start earning money in my new found self-employed business.

Now the semantics for the business are this. You sign up through a coach who is doing the same as you, who has signed up through a coach doing the same as them and so on. So the people who started their business back in 2006, when I was doing my first round of P90X are in fact millionaires today. God bless them, they got in on the right time and are set for life and sought after speakers at entrepreneur seminars and YouTube videos. The rest of us a little late to the party, definitely have the ability to gain excess income but there is a ranking system of Emerald, Ruby and Diamond and the only way to build your team and business is to sign on new coaches who build there businesses of people who also grow on becoming Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. And the higher the rank and the more people below you who continue to grow in rank, the higher your commissions become. All of this information can be found on the internet.

I started my business strong and within a month I was ranked an Emerald and making $50-250 a week without feeling too salesy, I just spoke the truth on Facebook and Instagram about what I was doing and why and people became interested. This was covering the cost of Shakeology and I was now making extra money for my move. I was on a roll. I attended last years coach summit in Nashville, TN with 15,000 other Beachbody coaches and got to personally workout with the celebrity trainers I had been watching on my TV for the past 9 years. There were seminars on personal and business growth and the atmosphere rocked. A bunch of healthy people working out, feeling self-empowered and partying the night away. I was all in. I was doing personal development daily, reaching out to friends on Facebook, talking the talk and walking the walk as a user of the product, running social media healthy eating and workout accountability groups with my team, and created The Fitwanderluster Instagram, blog, and weekly free workout group at the Boston Esplanade. I had some haters but I loved what I was doing and it was all coming together.

But then I lost one coach below me, lowering my rank and my commission wasn’t as high anymore. I started to see that my story also didn’t reach many of my groups of friends on Facebook because they couldn’t relate to my story. I feel people who have kids/families or have weight to lose have more success in this business because of the relatabilty compared to my story of a 30+ non-married and childless female who’s always been active and just trying to take in more nutrition by healthy eating. Then I moved and they don’t sell the products internationally, and then Shakeolgy became too expensive as I was having it sent to my dad’s house in the US and he was shipping it to me in France but the shipping alone was $50 making the product more than it’s original price with not being a coach. So just like any small business, I was dealing with some rough times.

In conclusion, I’m still a huge fan of Beachbody and their products and the way they can help others learn about the food they should and shouldn’t be eating and programs that can get you started off in the right foot towards a healthy lifestyle especially when starting with modifications (as I do believe the programs are pretty advanced). I’m still a coach but have suspended my Shakeology for the next couple of months because of purely financial reasons as I’m no longer a salaried physical therapy supervisor and now a 3 day a week hourly masseuse, my income has changed significantly. My priorities shifted with my move and marathon training. There is a way to make money with this business but you have to be willing to work every single day for it as you would being a store owner. If you close down for a week because of vacation or simply get frustrated because you aren’t making money quickly believe that your company will feel the effects. But my circumstances personally makes my Beachbody growth difficult. You can bet though if and when they start to make their way into Europe, I’ll be back to full speed again. But until then I’m just happy focusing on blogging, exercising, and eating well rather than the next coach I can get involved.

That’s my story. I’m still The Fitwanderluster and love posting my workouts, runs, meals and healthy tips and motivation on Facebook and Instagram, whether I make a dime from it or not ☺️

Although Beachbody is not my too priority, I am always up to discussing coaching, the programs, the meal plans or supplements, as I’m a fan. Feel free to reach out to me one of several ways:

Email: kthib123@gmail.comFacebookWebsite 

Post Race Blues. Is that a thing?

3 weeks ago I ran my 8th marathon. For 9 days after I had family in town to occupy my time and help me recover. 10 days later I ran for the first time following the marathon. I’m currently participating in my 2nd week of a combination HIIT (high intensity interval training), weight training, core work with Tony Horton’s 22 minute hard core and 3x run a week. I’m getting a groove back but I’m also feeling like I’m missing something.

I wouldn’t say I’m suffering from depression in my current state. I know this is a medical diagnosis, and actually yes, I was diagnosed by my PCP and treated with medication and psychotherapy in college. Thankfully, I have been off medications since college with self-management of exercise, meditation, and improved nutrition without any setbacks (treatments vary from person to person). Depression is a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors and for some medication is one of the treatments necessary to improve one’s quality of life. However, do I think some physicians know a “little about a lot of things” and over prescribe without getting to the root or seeking out specialists, maybe. But I’m going off topic.

I’m no specialist on sport psychology but I can just tell you my feelings post-race, as a simple blogger. When you set goals for yourself in a competitive nature such as marathon training, you work on that goal anywhere from 16-24 weeks. 3-6 months of your life is a schedule and build-up for a 1 day event. When the time comes and you meet your goal and it’s all over, just like that, and your time is no longer consumed with a plan, I personally feel lost. I’m not sure what to follow next or what my purpose is going forward. (I’m not saying that if I don’t run I don’t have a purpose but as someone who has always exercised it is part of my life, just like eating lunch or going to sleep). I can tell you this feeling occurs after every big race that I have trained for so I typically sign up for another race. So far I haven’t done so, but I probably will and that gives me a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I’m not sure if my feelings and actions are a sense of drive, fear, or addiction, but what I do know is, while I may not love the training, I love the schedule and meeting my goals. Why is my goal to always run? I like to think that it keeps me healthy and it’s something I can do that a lot of others think they can’t but really there is no deep rooted answer other than it gives me something to do. 

Anyone else in the same boat?

It’s official. You gain weight when you only eat cheese and drink wine

I have to tell you about an unofficial experiment I’ve participated in the past 3 weeks. I’ve been ignoring my routine diet that I’ve been diligently working on since March. I was working pretty hard to maintain a healthy weight and get proper nutrition with my Beachbody family. But since December 1st, I’ll be honest, my previous routine has gone straight out the window and I’ve been enjoying every calorie consumed with my French diet. 

It’s been a wonderful month not working full time. Reality will eventually set in and bills will still need to be paid and that time will soon be approaching but looking back I realize how I just accepted my daily Boston routine. I’m a pretty optimistic person but I was stuck. I was working out, eating right, had a roof over my head, friends and family close by but I wasn’t completely fulfilled. I was in a long distance relationship and at a job that, while my co-workers were great, was just a job. 

This month, I’ve been taking this amazing opportunity to accomplish my true desires…and that included not following a specific diet, working less, and ultimately following my heart. Yes I’ve been training for the Paris Marathon coming up April 3rd, but I’ve gained 10lbs. Yup. Ok. The conclusion to my unofficial experiment is you gain weight if all you eat is cheese and all you drink is wine, despite running. 

This New Year my resolution is to get my health and weight back on track. Not only will I physically feel better, the ultimate plan is to improve my conditioning for my marathon. The new Program The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is out and I think this might be a good hybrid program with my running. So I’m starting Jan 4th and while I’ve enjoyed my dietary freedom, the few pants I have that made the trip to Europe are now not fitting me.  Who’s with me?  Contact me on Facebook for more information!