How to Stay Motivated with Exercise

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I was asked to give tips and strategies on how to stay disciplined with exercise. So, here are my 4 ways to keep motivated!

Exercise Motivation 1

1️⃣: choose a goal, write it down, set a timeline, follow a program, tell people!


Pick an an event, race, or challenge – whether it be a mud run, 5k, 10 push ups or an Instagram fitness challenge with an achievable end date. Commit by journaling, letting your friends or family know, creating an accountability page, then research a program that fits your work life balance and start 👍

Exercise motivation 2

2️⃣: change your train of thought regarding exercise – think of it as an act of daily living as opposed to a chore


I’m going to safely assume everyday, most of us, wake up and shower, get dressed, eat, brush our teeth, automatically put on our seatbelt in the car, work, take care of children, etc…or something to this effect. We have to think about exercise exactly as we do our daily tasks, that it’s just a part of life…a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

If this is a challenge for you regarding time or motivation, begin with an activity that you find enjoyable and is fun. You like nature? Go for a hike. You like music? Try Zumba. Trying to keep up with your kids? Bike 🚴. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, lunch or at night, Fit it in as if your life depends on it because essentially…it does!

Exercise Motivation 3

3️⃣: practice daily positive affirmations & actions


In order to get motivated to create a goal and get our mindset to believe the goal is worth doing and achievable, we need to work on ourselves to get our minds in the right place.

Everyday we should be practicing positive actions including: healthy eating, meditation, journaling our gratefulness, and/or practicing acts of kindness. When we treat ourselves gently we can then transfer it onto others as equally or far greater.

Perhaps today you’ll sign up for a race that benefits your favorite charity, compete in honor of a friend or loved one, or volunteer some hard labor to those in need. When the deed isn’t about you anymore, these small actions lead to big impacts and, in the world today, I think actions certainly speak louder than words ❤️

Exercise Motivation 4

And finally…

4️⃣: plan to reward yourself when you meet each goal 


You’ve heard keep your eyes on the prize? Well, why not make that a reality?! You’ve worked hard to stay dedicated, spending time and energy, you deserve a little something. Plan a spa day, a night out at your favorite restaurant or new workout gear (like Legend Compression Socks 😉). Then you can stay motivated in your new gear to sign up for your next event!


Wake up early, meditate, be thankful – Check

So last week I determined to get out of my funk. I decided to take 5 steps in doing so. Here’s a recap:

1. Wake up by 7am. 2. Eat right. 3. Communicate. 4. Meditate. 5. Journal Joyful moments

I said I would check in with you all this week if I indeed followed through with acting on my steps to less stress and more happiness. I’m proud to say I’ve done 3 out of 5.

I’m not perfect (I know, shocking) and I’m not a morning person. Getting up for 7am when I am not forced is just plain annoying. Is it an excuse that I’m probably lazy? Yes. But do I enjoy my moments in bed until 8 or 9 on non-workdays? Yes. Would I also enjoy getting up at 7am, working out, breakfast ate, and showered before 9? Sure. Am I so damn lucky (my Dmb fans, see what I did there?) that I get a choice? You betcha. I’m not disappointed that I couldn’t follow through for the week but I did get up for 7am 3 out of the 4 days so I’m not a lost cause. I figure if I was in misery and wasn’t out of bed before double digits then this should really be an area of focus, but so far so good. 

Communication was also minimal, however I did do my 30 minute daily French lessons everyday. I also hung out with Americans living in Metz (I’ve met 2 more!) for a Saturday picnic but I’ve lacked any attempt in actually speaking French. My only excuse is my irrational fear of sucking. You can’t get better if you don’t try, right? This is will be my long shot.

Eating right as I mentioned in my last blog was something I was currently doing but was trying to eliminate going out and drinking too much. With Saturday shopping for the week and Sunday meal prepping, this week so far has been a breeze. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and two snacks are all prepped with only minutes needed to finalize the meals. Boom. I’ve also been well behaved with no weekday drinking and have decided to hold off on beer, at least until I go back to Boston on June 10.

I’ve been on point with learning how to meditate with the useful app for my iPhone called HeadSpace. You start with 10 minutes a day for 10 days. It’s a nice way to either start or wind down from the day. I will admit it was harder than I expected because my mind is so used to controlling me than me it. It teaches you how to breathe and absorb your external environment but not act on it. It is a tool to help you find mental equilibrium to keep in check our emotions. Plus there is a ton of research out there that supports this and discusses improvement in relationships, mood, memory, and attention span. 

Lastly, I did journal my 3 joyful moments in each day in my notes section of my iPhone. I was thinking about getting cute stationary but I don’t have a nightstand and why waste paper? I found this exercise to be helpful in remembering good points and bring you back from maybe thinking the day was really shitty or exhausting. 

Overall I like my new routine and going to try to stick with it. I’m happy and less stressed. Here’s hoping my extra beauty sleep and memory from meditation help me digest more French and gain confidence!

Music or Pimsleur

If anyone reading this actually knows me, they can tell others that I love Dave Matthews Band. Like, really love them. As in I’ve been to 84 shows since 1994 and traveled much of the US to follow them (West Palm Beach, FL, Las Vegas, NV, San Diego, CA, The Gorge in Washington State, Caravan tour in Chicago, etc…and of course Boston) and spent a good life savings on these memorable events. I’ve even met Boyd Tinsley, Carter Beauford, and Stefan Lessard. Had a moment with Jeff Coffin and Rashawn Ross waving to me from on stage as they remembered me in the same spot in the Pit (as close as you can get to front row while in the crowd) from back to back shows, and I’ve shaken Dave’s hand (it’s been washed but I almost had to be forced).

I’ve also probably attended more than a 1000 other concerts. I haven’t really counted to be sure, but I have my tickets stubs in a container at my dad’s house somewhere. Also, having worked at the music venue Great Woods while in high school (always will be called that as a Mansfield native), I saw shows I didn’t think I would have interest seeing but did because I was there. Going to a concert was the same as going to a movie for me while I was growing up. The point being is I really like music.

I especially live for music during any length run or gym session. However much I may seem to love working out, I need something to distract me from the pain and monotony of the program, especially if I am by myself. Motivation comes in all forms and my playlist is my savior.

Here is my current soundtrack for the days I need a boost or distraction (and you’ll notice no DMB):

  1. Here – Alessia Cara
  2. Devil’s Whisper – Raury
  3. How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris
  4. Hang Me Up To Dry – Cold War Kids
  5. You and Me – Disclosure (Flume Remix)
  6. Drop The Game – Flume
  7. No Sugar Tonight – The Guess Who
  8. Open Season – Josef Salvat
  9. Jubel – Klingande
  10. Stole The Show – Kygo
  11. Lean On – Major Lazer
  12. Our Own House – MisterWives
  13. Someone New – Hozier
  14. Castle In The Snow – The Avener & Kadebostany
  15. Living Dafur – Mattafix

Most recently I downloaded the language learning audio program for French by Pimsleur. A quick synopsis of the program is that it is mostly auditory with a ton of repetition. There are 5 series each with about 30 individual lessons lasting 30 minutes each. It is recommended to do one lesson per day. There is minimal reading involved which is actually alright by me because I can read French better than listen or speak. Some of my clients have recommended it to me and suggested doing it in the car. Unfortunately, I’m not driving here while in France. So my next best option is while I run. I may look silly talking to myself and especially repeating, “Est-ce que vous voudriez boire quelque chose avec moi ce soir?”

But I have to say I’m totally enjoying it and it’s a different change of pace, but literally probably not helping my pace. I find I’m a bit slower (still due to the ribs) but I think since, also, changing my music to lessons. I think my brain has to work more resulting in slowing down the rest of my body. Good thing I’m not shooting for a Personal Record for this race.

What’s your go to music for working out? I’m always interested in updating my playlist. Leave your comments below!